The story so far

It is baffling that Spotify have not implemented native support for HomePod and HomePod mini despite having access to beta versions of iOS/HomePod OS (June 2020 to September 2020). Surely this should be standard for any company wanting to keep with the times/technology. They instead rely on community suggested idea’s before any action is taken. 

@robotoman22 posted this as an idea on June 27, 2020 with a very well written description and links to resources which was and is being ignored by Spotify Community Moderators (SCM). A SCM did respond five days after the initial post with “Spotify Staff will look into this idea once it reaches the necessary amount of votes“. Since then, there has been not any further updates posted despite having over 2500 votes (other ideas with circa 500 votes have had updates). 

It is 2021

We have entered a new year and still are not any closer to having native support. 

  • February 2021, still being classified as a “New Idea” on the community page with over 2700 votes.
  • over 40 pages of comments of subscribers feeling let down by a provider not taking note of their frustrations.
  • People now taking up trials on Apple Music (as this works flawlessly) or cancelling their Spotify subscription and moving over to Apple Music.
  • Long time users cancelling as they feel they are not being heard or being listened to.
  • You can read the comments by clicking below:

what can you do?

It really is simple, all that can be done for now is voting for this to be become a reality and ensuring that it is shared with your friends and family.

  • The more this is talked about, the higher the profile. 
  • Lets get this trending on Twitter. #ItsTimeToPlayFair